DAIMAJIN statue near Chofu_station, Tokyo

Things to do in Chofu-Tokyo: Cinema town near Shinjuku and AJINOMOTO stadium


MAJIN statue in Movie Town-Chofu, Tokyo Do you know that there is a town called "Cinema Town"? This article introduces what to see in Chofu city especially for those who like movies and  are interested in sightseeing in Tokyo. Where is Chofu ? Chofu city is located in the central part of grand Tokyo, in the southeastern part of Tama district. It is outside of Tokyo's 23 wards(mid Tokyo) most popular for tourists, but it is good access from the mid of Tokyo, Shinjuku(新宿),Shibuya(渋谷). It is about 15 - 20 minutes by train from Shinjuku station in central Tokyo. Very ...


Hato bus, Sky bus tour to go around and see in Tokyo for a very short period


SKY BUS, TOKYO SIGHTSEEING BUS When you visit Tokyo you will have too many things to see, to eat, to experience, it will not be enough time to do all in a short stay. This article will give you hints to think about how to go and see Tokyo especially for the first visit.

Tempura Soba, Japanese traditional food

Jindaiji Soba noodle, must to eat in Jindaiji, Chofu-Tokyo


Tempura Soba, Japanese traditional food Have you ever heard of  “Soba noodle” in Japanese ? It is one of most popular Japanese foods. If you came to JINDAIJI temple which is the second oldest temple in Tokyo, I should try JINDAIJI SOBA !! This article introduce JINDAIJI SOBA!!

Shibuya Exciting Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya crossing , shopping street, the center of young culture.


Shibuya Exciting Crossing, Tokyo Shibuya is also a center for youth fashion and culture, and its streets are the birthplace to many of Japan's fashion and entertainment trends. Its very worth to visit. This article introduce exciting scenery in Shibuya town

Jindaiji Temple , Chofu-Tokyo

What to do and things to see in Jindai-ji Temple, Chofu-Tokyo


Jindaiji Temple , Chofu-Tokyo Jindaiji temple is one of the best valuable places around Tokyo. Especially, if you are in Tokyo at the begging of March, you will see Darma Doll festival in Jindaiji temple and you will absolutely have very impressive memories. What is Jindai-ji Temple(深大寺)? Jindaiji is the second oldest temple in Tokyo. It is in the western part of Tokyo (Tama Area) taking  40 minites from mid central of Tokyo by train and bus. There are not so many foreign tourists usually. But more than 60,000 people visit every year during Dharma Doll fair for two days ...

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