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5 Reasons to stay: Heritance Kandalama Hotel -Sri Lanka [Sigiriya & Dambulla]



Heritance Kandalama,Dambulla-Sri Lanka

Heritance Kandalama,Dambulla-Sri Lanka

HERITANCE KANDALAMA HOTEL (Sri Lanka) is one of the most most impressive and attractive hotels in Geoffrey Bawa architectures. It is located in the area of Sigiriya Rock or Dambulla Royal Cave Temple where is the popular sightseeing places in Sri Lanka.

This article introduce how nice HERITANCE KANDALAMA is and very worth to stay.

Heritance Kandalama designed by Geoffrey Bawa (Architect)

Geoffrey Bawa is a very unique architect from Sri Lanka (1919-2003). His works are the origin of tropical resort hotels in Southeast Asia, those are the prevalent architectural style in the latest trends. You will be so surprised at its novelty and satisfied with the stay.

Heritance Kandalama was open from 1994.

Located in a dense forest, the hotel is designed to arc along a rocky mountain to be harmonized with nature.

The interior could be the most characteristic in the hotels Geoffrey Bawa designed.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Main Entrance

The entrance to Heritance Kandalama. It doesn't look like there is a hotel, but this is amazing !!

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Hotel Map, Guide Signboard

Hotel guide map of Heritance Kandalama. It consists of two guest room buildings, “Sigiriya Wing” and “Dambulla Wing”.

The total length of both buildings is approx 1 km !!  It takes about 15 minutes from end to end. So big !!

Location accessible to 4 famous World Heritage sites

©Sigiriya Rock

Heritance Kandalama is located between Dambulla Cave Temple and Sigiriya Rock - Sri Lanka's popular tourist destinations.

Especially, Sigiriya Rock is popular as a sacred place for Buddhism and is a scenic tourist spot, where is also the place Geoffrey Bawa was influenced and inspired. He hid the ideas in Heritance Kandalama hotel from them.

Furthermore, the world heritage sanctuary Anuradhapura (about 75 km / hour 1 hour 45 minutes) and the ancient city Polonnaruwa (about 80 km / hour 2 hours) are within the range of day trips.

The following map shows the positional relationship with each sightseeing spot.

Unique interior and exterior

Free ideas for Jeffrey Bawa, so to speak, He thought outside the box.

You will be very impressed by the harmony with the nature,  the land is so lovely !!

Although it is novel, the atmosphere will make you feel calm.

It is a pleasant experience to stay very close to the presence of animals and plants and feel a sense of unity with nature.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Passage to the lobby area

Going down the unique corridor from the entrance to lobby, You may feel like you're sandwiched between rock walls.

The white wall on the right is well maintained. It was a little unbalanced with the opposite side of rock wall.

But later you would find out the hidden idea which Geoffrey Bawa liked and often set many parts of his hotel works.

It seems that this was made with the “MIRROR WALL” of Sigiriya Rock in mind.

It was made by imitating the “MIRROR WALL” of Sigiriya Rock in Sigiriya Rock - popular sightseeing place.

The photo below.

Mirror Wall in Sigiriya Rock

Mirror Wall in Sigiriya Rock

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Lobby and lounge area

Lobby and lounge area where guests are first guided during waiting for check-in.

This floor (lobby lounge) is located on the 5th floor. Hotel is divided into Sigiriya wing part and Dambulla wing part in the middle.

The furniture are also commitments of Geoffrey Bawa. He wanted to design all in his hotel works.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Passage to rooms ( Big stone)

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Passage to rooms ( Big stone)

We could say Heritance Kandalama is the hotel where Bawa’s free ideas most expressed.

In the middle of the passage, a large rock stand , it just seems to block people's traffic, Surprise !!

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) asian style patio - Dambulla wing

Asian style patio - Dambulla wing

This patio is often used in hotels designed by Geffrey Bawa.

Although it looks like a impractical space, but it is said to be important in terms of lighting and functionality (breathability and comfort for guests).

It is the TROPICAL ARCHITECTURE unique in Sri Lanka and Geoffrey Bawa.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Passage to rooms (faces the forest)

Passage to rooms (faces the forest)

Heritance Kandalama hotel is architecture in the forest.

Wild monkeys and squirrels appeared, you will see very close to them in the forest.

In the morning, you may wake up from the singing of birds and the sounds of animals call.

It's a beautiful morning.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Staircase and Owl object by Bawa's artist - Laki Senanayake

Staircase and Owl object by Bawa's artist - Laki Senanayake

An owl object in front of the buffet restaurant of 6th floor.

A work by a Bawa friend artist named Laki Senanayake.

There are a lot of Laki's works in the hotels designed by Bawa.

Its design, decoration and objects add to the better atmosphere and quality of Bawa's hotel.

There are many Raki's works at Bawa Hotel. Its design, decoration and objects add to the quality of Bawa's hotel.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Geoffrey Bawa's favourite place (Landscape open to Kandalama Lake)

Geoffrey Bawa's favourite place (Landscape open to Kandalama Lake)

Bawa's favourite place in the Heritance Kandalama.

Bawa often sat on this chair and looked at Sigiriya Rock behind Kandalama Lake.

Special Experience to be harmonized with nature

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) Exterior of Sigiriya Wing

There are about 8 room categories. You can feel the calmness of the interior with wood in any type of room.

Its rich greenery is a specialty of HERITANCE KANDALAMA –  “The Forest Hotel”.

It may be the experience to be harmonized with the natural world in HERITANCE KANDALAMA HOTEL.

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) / LUXURY ROOM / Sigiriya Wing

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) / SUPERIOR ROOM / Dambulla Wing

Heritance Kandalama (Sri Lanka) / view from SUPERIOR ROOM/ Dambulla Wing

The following order is from the lowest to the upper categories.

Superior ⇒ panoramic ⇒ Luxury ⇒ Deluxe ⇒ Suite ⇒

click for the advice to choose room▽

The finest class dining experience in Sri Lanka

There are two main restaurants called “KANCHANA” and “KALUDIYA”.

They can serve the fine Sri Lankan cuisine and I am confident to say “They are delicious”.

There are several touristic local restaurants near popular sightseeing areas, but the dining experience in Heritance Kandalama will be more sophisticated and elaborate(well-prepared) cooking, as you can never experience the same taste in those local touristic restaurants.

The fact that the food is so delicious even though it is a hotel in the forest away from the big city, means that Geoffrey Bawa hotel is exceptional.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA restaurant

▲Breakfast is at "KANCHANA restaurant" on the 6th floor of Sigiriya Wing.

This is the signature restaurant of hotel.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA restaurant breakfast

▲You will enjoy breakfast while the sun is rising,  you should try action  kitchen (outdoor kitchen) , lets check it out !!

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA restaurant

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA restaurant

Heritance Kandalama has a variety of dishes that are not too spicy.

Since Sri Lanka has been the place to stop by Arabic traders from ancient times, it has an Arabic element in its cuisine.

A more sophisticated and delicate dining culture has developed because of its multinationality.

Curry is common with Indian food, but the salad and garnish are more varied comparing to India.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA restaurant lunch menu

▲One of dish in Lunch menu at "KANCHANA restaurant"

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KALUDIYA restaurant

▲The other restaurant is KALUDIYA restaurant on the 7th floor of Sigiriya Wing is “a la carte” restaurant (choice menu).

There are not so big restaurant with several tables.  A restaurant with a more relaxed adult atmosphere.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KALUDIYA restaurant , rice & curry

Sri Lankan specialty “Rice & Curry” was so nice at KALUDIYA restaurant.

This menu was Geoffrey Bawa's favorite.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KALUDIYA restaurant , rice & curry

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KANCHANA lounge

There is also an open space KANCHANA lounge (also a cafe) in a lobby of 6th floor. The tropical sofa is very comfortable and relaxing.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)KACHCHAN bar

KACHCHAN bar is an open space bar adjacent to the lobby area. Here you will have tropical Asian feeling.

What's even better is that the meals expense in this hotel aren't so expensive compared to its quality.

We are glad that it seems to be cheaper than hotels in the big city managed by big hotel groups.

Three different types of pools (originated from infinity pool)

You can always enjoy swimming pool which is always warm climate throughout the year in Sri Lanka.

There are three pools, “KACHCHAN POOL”, “KALUDIYA POOL” and “RASHMI POOL” in the Heritance Kandalama, you will have different ways to enjoy.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)Kachchan Pool

For example, “KACHCHAN POOL” known as the Infinity Pool.

An Infinity Pool is a pool whose edges are cut like a horizon, and the scenery behind the water surface looks the same and it seems to continue.

This kind of INFINITY POOL is very popular in recent Asian resort hotels it is well known on the top roof of Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore.

Geoffrey Bawa was the first in the world to design the infinity pool (in Heritance Ahungalla).

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)Kaludiya Pool

In “KALUDIYA pool”, natural rock surface is coated and used as the bottom of the pool. Therefore, it was named “KALUDIYA ” which means black water.

Both “KACHCHAN POOL” and “KALUDIYA  POOL” is near main lounge on 5th floor.

Heritance Kandalama(Sri Lanka)Rashmi Pool

One more pool is “RASHMI POOL”.

“Rashmi” means “Sunlight”. It was named because a beautiful sunset came into the pool in the sunset time.

This pool is far located at the end of Dambulla Wing, it is a place where there are not so many guests. You can be relaxed with calm atmosphere.

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