Thank you for visiting my website.

I'm a Travel blogger and consultant living in Japan.

I'd been involved in the Japanese travel industry for 20 years and had taken clients to more than 60 countries in the past.

Currently, I am improving my English to become a tour guide in Japan.

When I visited a country, Local people often talked about their regional specialities  energetically and proudly, that made me love the country more and more. I was so impressed in any place, All these experience inspired me and opened my eyes inside and outside.

The purpose of this website is to give you ideas for successful trip, especially focusing on hotel selections .In the near future I will try to provide travel tips to support your travel planning in Japan.

I hope this website is worth to visit for you ! !

Countries I’ve been to

USA, CANADA, UK, Ireland, Republic of Malta, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, China(Hong Kong), Taiwan, Mongolia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and more !!


Wind chimes, one of Japanese traditional bells