5 Things to do in Shibuya -Tokyo

Shibuya Exciting Crossing, Tokyo Tokyo
Shibuya Exciting Crossing, Tokyo

Shibuya is also a center for youth fashion and culture, and its streets are the birthplace to many of Japan’s fashion and entertainment trends. Its very worth to visit.

This article introduce exciting scenery in Shibuya town


Where is Shibuya, Access to Shibuya

Things to do①:Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Shibuya Scramble Crossing is frequently featured in films, very famous place among tourists.

This crossing is one of the famous place in Tokyo among foreign tourists. It is rumored to be the busiest intersection in Japan (could be in the world). Hundreds of people – and at peak times said to be over 1000 people – cross at a time, coming from all directions at once.

Shibuya Crossing is like a giant beating heart, sending people in all directions with every pulsing light change.

Things to do②:Walk around Shibuya Center Gai

Center Gai is a busy pedestrian zone in the heart of Shibuya lined by stores, Ramen noodle shops and restaurants.

Ramen noodles were originally introduced to Japan from China several hundred years ago.The noodles have become a national dish. Japanese love of ramen can be seen in the long lines of people waiting outside popular shops. Regional varieties are appearing all over Japan and they can eat many varieties in Center Gai.

Ramen shop in Shibuya

Capsule toys

Capsule toys are round cpsules containing small toys, sold in little vending machines. They are also called by names such as Gachapon or Gacha Gacha in Japanese.

These names mimic the sounds when the lever is turned after the insertion of a coin (Gacha Gacha) and capsule comes out of the machines. A single machine will often have several types of products in the same series which come out at random.

Purikura (derived from Print club)

Purikura is like a photo booth. That prints out cards and stickers of the resulting photograph、which are then traded among friends. Japanese Teenagers often take Purikura with their close friend or first boyfriend (girlfriend) and share and attach(seal) it on their important goods as a proof they like (falling in love) each other.

prikura, print club

Things to do③:Experience Japanese Chaos

I would say Shibuya is generally the district where young people gather comparing to other district in Tokyo…But you sometimes find Japanese-like things in chaos.



Geta, Zori and Waraji are all traditional Japanese footwear with a thong between the big toe and second toe. Nowadays the people put Geta or Zori or Waraji on only when they wear Japanese traditional clothes.

Things to do④:Eating in the center of Shibuya

Here Spain Slope is a narrow, approximately 100 meter long pedestrian street with stairs leading up the slope to the Parco department store. It is lined by boutiques, cafes and restaurants, and was nicknamed for its resemblance to a Spanish street scene. There are international restaurants, French, Spanish, Italian,Thailands along the pedestrian.

Things to do⑤:Night Life in Shibuya

In the evenings the street is crowded with young people heading to night clubs, restaurants and bars, or just loitering around.I would recommend you to visit here in the night if you like the youthful and vibrant atmosphere. It is different from daytime when people enjoy shopping and eating.