Which room type to book in Marina Bay Sands(mbs) -Singapore

MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. As the reputation around the world, I can recommend for couples, friends, family travel with children.

But what type of room (category) do you want to choose?

I stayed in a Premier Room for 4 people in a family trip. It was so wonderful memory !!

In addition to the characteristics of each room category, I also write about the service of Marina Bay Sands. I am very pleased if this article would be useful for your Singapore travel plan.


Room categories Overview / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

There are 5 categories in Marina Bay Sands(roughly speaking), 「Deluxe」「Premier」「Family」「Club or Grand Club」「Suite」. I selected 「Premier Twin (47 m²) / Lower floor」 with 4 people use (2 adults and 2 children).

Here I describe the merits and demerits of each room type, how we decided a type based on cost performance.

Deluxe room39㎡ / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore

“Deluxe” room is standard room (the lowest category) in this hotel.  As it is 39 m², it’s not so small as one room comparing with general luxury hotels standard room (25 to 32 m²).

However, we could feel small to stay with four people (including 2 elementary school students).

On the other hands, there may be “connecting rooms” where two adjacent rooms are connected by internal doors. But I was wondering to 2 rooms use for one small family at the point of budget.

In addition, because it is a room with only a shower without a bathtub, it is said that “It is a premier room a little wider in one room” because it is tight for four nights.

In addition, this type of room is a room with only a shower without a bathtub. Because Japanese people(my family) like bathing in hot water bathtub, I thought it would be difficult for us to stay 4 nights without bath tub. So I decided to choose a little larger  type of Premier room (with bathtub).

Premier room42~47㎡ / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

This is the category I used this time. There were 2 single (almost double size) beds  plus 1 extra single bed. As for the size it was comfortable even for a family of four with children. (Lower floor with Garden view:faced on Gardens by the Bay).

You can choose from the following 5 views.

● Lower floor
(1)Lower floor with balcony (2nd to 9th floor)
(2)Lower floor with floor-to-ceiling windows (2nd to 18th floors)
●Garden View (10th to 39th floors, facing gardens)
●City View (19th to 39th floors, facing city)
●Sky View (40th floor and above, facing city)
●Harbour View (40th floor and above, facing sea)

Especially Harbor view may be attractive with the view of the city area in Singapore and Marina Bay.

If you book a hotel room with ROH (Run of the House) or no view specified, if there is vacancy, you sometimes get a upgraded category or better view without additional charge. However, in the case of Marina Bay Sands, it may not be expected so much, for reasons such as being crowded.

This time, although it was the lower floor (6th floor), it was very pleasant and nice for the family. Because it was with the balcony, the whole was spacious. Cost performance was enough good. (There are photos of the room below in this article)

MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore

The 6th floor corner room in Tower 1, opposite side of the harbor view.

But if your are couples (dating, honeymooning or anniversary), we would recommend  Harbor view or Sky view. The wonderful view will remain in memory, which will contribute to raise the total impression of the travel.

About Premier room for a family use of 4 persons.

There are two types of beds in the Premier Room, which should be available for selection at the time of booking. One is a king size bed. Another one is 2 single beds.

We chose 2 single beds room for a family of 4 person inclusing 2 kids.

Generally, the size of single bed are various. These single beds were actually not the typical single size but almost double size beds when we stayed.

In Marina Bay Sands, the width of extra bed was about 100cm (1m). The width of the single bed that was provided in advance was about 130 to 140 cm (1.3~1.4 m).

Here is the pictures. The left one is an extra bed. (Click to enlarge the photo)

Premier room / MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)


Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

So I requested to add on extra bed after arrival. It cost about 100 USD (120SGD) per night. We fortunately  got an extra bed. I thought it would be better in advance to order extra bed as I might not be available.

You will be able to order extra bed directly to Marina Bay Sand despite of any room booking route. I attached some photos for your consideration. You will know the size of single (queen size) bed. Left side is the extra bed , this is the single bed (not double).

Inside the Premier room

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

▲ we got a comfortable sleep with an extra bed (in front) the next morning

The view from the room (6th floor corner room). The picture on the left is “Gardens by the bay”.

The view from the room (6th floor corner room). The picture on the left is “Gardens by the bay”.

The view from the room (6th floor corner room). One more side of view from the balcony.

The view from the room (6th floor corner room). One more side of view from the balcony.

MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore

Premier room / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)


▲There is plenty of space in the closet and a comfortable stay. Free mineral water is provided to the desk every day.

▲In the bathroom. Despite the stylish design, it was also simple and comfortable to use.


▲In addition to the shower with bathtub, there is one more shower to the top.

▲House cleaning was twice a day (morning, evening).

There are very few cases that I remember the way of House cleaning (bed making). However, at Marina Bay Sands, I felt the maid person’s individuality in the way of bed making. It became a part of our trip memories.

I can not tell all here as it may be pleasure for the person to stay in the future, but there were towel arts like a photo and it has entertained my children very much. They liked it very much and brought it back to Japan and they keep them without breaking the shape.

Family room86㎡ / Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

If you were a family, this will be the best one. Because it has one king size bed and two single beds, the number of beds is the same as putting a extra bed in other type of categories. However, I could not book with no vacancy this time and it was also over the budget.

Probably because the total number of Family rooms in the hotel are not so many, it seems that early reservation is necessary.

Club room61㎡, Grand Club room79㎡, Suite etc

In addition to VIP, it is a category recommended for couples traveling (especially honeymoon).

The good view, room size, facilities are attractive of course, the biggest benefit is that you can use the 55th floor luxury “Club55 Lounge”.

At Club 55, you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast and free afternoon tea with a splendid view. Only the guests staying in upper categories above the club room, they can not enter this area, so there is no bashing feeling like other restaurants. You will be able to enjoy the calm and relaxing time.

However, in the case of our families (2 adults and 2 chiledren – Age11&8).

In the case of the club room, there is basically one King size bed (bed mat is not separated). If you stay with 4 tall family members, it may not be enough for one extra bed. It will depend on the number and height of children.

There is enough space to put one more extra bed. However living space (a larger space with sofa) will be occupied with the extra bed. We did not hope beneficial living qualities will be impaired.

Hotel check-in and afterwards

Marina Bay sands hotel is a super mega hotel with 2,500 rooms. Although it is categorized as a luxury hotel, but I was not expecting excellent service. But one of the reasons I enjoyed the stay very much is that the whole operation of hotel was excellent !! in spite of a big, mega hotel.

It seems that there were many complaints, not an excellent operation just after their opening in 2011. In fact, I heard bad reputation(e.g.: slow check-in, keeping guests wait for a long time) about their operation from a guest who stayed at the beginning of the opening in 2011.However, I think that many of the problems were solved by the improvement efforts of the hotel in this 7 years.

One of example is the e-mail pre-check in system 2-3 days before arrival. It is a method of reducing waiting time at check-in by notifying the hotel by e-mail in advance of passport data, date of birth, expected arrival time of the hotel etc. Even if asking the concierge to make a restaurant reservation or sightseeing tour reservation, they did a nice, quick-witted response one by one. I got a very good impression from them.

“Express Service” was nice and very useful !!

Express Service” is a concierge service that can order and ask anything by phone from the room. Even when the concierge on the lobby floor is crowded, you can obtain the necessary service from your room without stress. “Express Service” had greatly contributed to increase our satisfaction at Marina Bay Sands.

This time I booked a larger room of premiere twin (47 m²), but it was not enough to stay 4 people (2 adults and 165 cm tall and 135 cm tall children). Each bed size was very normal , it was impossible to have two elementary school students lie on two beds.


I arrived at the hotel at 2 o’clock in the morning, but immediately I called the Express Serviceand asked if they could prepare an extra bed. They replied that they were possible. I asked how long will it take to be prepared ? within 30 minutes? They said they tried to their best in 30 minutes. However, in 15 to 20 minutes, an extra bed arrived.