Where to eat near Marina Bay Sands(mbs):5 best restaurants recommends -Singapore

RISE Restaurant / MBS, Marina Bay Sands hotel ,Singapore Singapore
RISE Restaurant / Marina Bay Sands-SIngapore

While staying in Singapore, you have so many choices for delicious meals that it may be difficult for you to choose one.

Here in this article, I introduce 5 recommend restaurants inside or near Marina Bay Sands – Singapore. I would be happy if this help you to choose!!


Restaurant “Rise” – Standard of Marina Bay Sands(mbs)

RISE Restaurant / Marina Bay Sands-SIngapore

RISE Restaurant / Marina Bay Sands-SIngapore

This restaurant is a orthodox breakfast inside Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is on the lobby floor of Tower 1, just in front of reception desk. Anyone who stayed at Marina Bay Sands would eat here once at least.

We had breakfast (international buffet) here. The price is 45 SG$ (about 38US$) for adults and 22 SGD (about 22US$) for children.

In this international buffet, Asia, Chinese, Japanese cuisine, Western cuisine, you can enjoy abundant variety. This multinational cuisine is unique in Singapore.

As my impression, this is one of 5 star class luxury breakfast. It was also very popular for my elementary school children. The children love simple foods such as bacon and omelets baked crispy.

Restaurant “Rasapura Masters” – Very convenient food court(mbs)

There are many expensive restaurants in Marina Bay Sands.

But you can eat a lot at Rasapula Masters Food Court with reasonable expense more ore less than 10 SG $ (8US $), .

Malaysian cuisine, Thai cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Korean cuisine, Western cuisine etc, including Singapore specialty chicken rice.
Taste will be good regardless of which one you select.

When you are tired, when you want to do it easily without taking time, you can use this food court without choosing time in the morning, afternoon or evening. I could day ” In any situation, if you come here, you will be able to have something good for meals” It is very convenient food court.

▲Photo source :Marina bay sands official siteより▼

▲Spicy but mellow taste : Singapore specialty “Laksa”.

▲ It looks like fruit, but its fact is shaved ice

There is one point of note. In the official website, it says “”This food court is Open 24 hours”. However  there are only a few food stalls open from late at night to early in the morning.
In fact, when I went there around 6:30 am, only 2 or 3 food stalls were open. Mostly preparing to open.

Restaurant “CÉ LA VI”(mbs)- Very nice meal and atmosphere 


In Singapore we were able to eat deliciously in every restaurant, but something was not enough. It is delicious, but we had not eaten surprising sophisticated cuisine. So I chose CÉ LA VI as a high-class restaurant with a casual atmosphere.

CÉ LA VI is located on the rooftop 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. The view from the area is spectacular. You will see the whole of Singapore widely, visibility is open 360°.

There are two CÉ LA VI on the floor , one is restaurant and the other one is Sky Bar, and the location is slightly different. Sky Bar is a alcohol-based adult space, so we (with children) had a meal at the restaurant.

Luckily I was able to make a reservation on that day, but this restaurant is quite popular. I was said that originally it was better to reserve it 1 or 2 days before.

The interior is an adult atmosphere. Instead of being calm, the music flows, in the restaurants. Tables are both indoors and outdoors. I do not see a lot of children, mostly adult groups.

The concept of the restaurant is “Award-winning innovative modern Asian cuisine“.  Indeed it was. It was good to choose. The taste of a high-class restaurant that I wanted to taste once in Singapore. There was a commitment and a taste mechanism for each dish, and it was a satisfactory meal. Although the atmosphere is rather adulty,  my children enjoyed the meal. They are satisfied with meal taste as I did.

Another good thing about CÉ LA VI (Ceravie) is the scenery. A beautiful 360° panoramic view overlooking the city of Singapore and the Singapore Strait will spread. This is a place called Sands Sky Park, tourists who are not guests are the place to bother to pay admission fees to enjoy this scenery.

In July 2018, a US-North Korean summit meeting was held between President Trump of the United States and Kim Jong-un General Secretary of North Korea. On the eve of the meeting, Mr.Kim Jong-en visited Marina Bay Sands just to see the scenery from this place (around CÉLA VI) !!

From 20:00 a light show will be held under the Marina Bay Sands for 15 minutes. Although I was in dinner time, I left dinner table for a while and saw light show from the observation deck.

You definitely have an unforgettable memory with your family or friends or important person you love.

The light show is about 15 minutes from 20:00, but you can see as well under the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (above the ground). The picture below is the sight that we saw the light show from the ground floor next night.

Service charge and local taxes will be added to the meal price at the hotel, so it will cost more comparing to casual local restaurants. It costed 250SD$(200US$) for a 4 persons family.

Children and adults were satisfied with the taste, but I felt the atmosphere was adulty, so it is difficult to choose this restaurant on a family trip with a small child. You may do a preliminary look before you book this restaurant.

Restaurant “Canton Paradise”- Good cost performance Chinese food(mbs)

▲Photo source : Singapore Couple Blog

As the restaurant name suggests, it is a restaurant of Cantonese cuisine in China. The price is not so high, the taste is also good. There were many guests visited by families with children. There were many Chinese guests and I didn’t see Westerners much.

I think that it is a good restaurant with a well-balanced budget and quality (taste and contents).

▲Canton Paradise restaurant is located on 3rd floor above the food court “Rasapura Masters”.

It is crowded at the weekend, and it ran for about 15 to 20 minutes before entering. However, the restaurant staff’s work was good and we were able to carefully examine the menu while waiting.


▲Very popular buns for children


▲ 4 people eat a full stomach, about 130 SDG (100 USD) in total. As Singapore has high price and food expenses, cost performance was very good in this restaurant.

Restaurant “Jumbo”(10min by taxi)- Must try once in Singapore

Speaking of Singaporean food, it is always introduced “Chilli Crab“. It is a kind of Chinese food of crab simmered in chili sauce. You can not go back to the home without eating “Chilli Crab“. in Singapore.

I was surprised that the shell was thick, but it was worth coming. Again, the one with good reputation is delicious.

There are five restaurants in Singapore “Jumbo” where you can eat Chilli Crab. “Riverside Point” and “The River Walk” are near from Marina Bay Sands. It takes about 10 minutes by taxi from the Marina Bay Sands (about 30 minutes with the subway).

We have to book in advance to eat in Jumbo as this restaurant is very popular and always fully booked. I asked the concierge of Marina Bay Sands Hotel to make a reservation for the restaurant.

According to concierge’s advice, reservation will be better about 2 days before the date. Most of time, it is difficult on the same day as booking (already full booked). Or you might not reserve your requested time zone. She(concierge) recommended Riverside Point for us first as the scenery is better.

Riverside point is situated in the place of 10minutes walk from the nearest station “China town”, or 5 minutes from “Clarke Quay” station of North East Line. You need to change the train when you go from the nearest subway (MRT) station “Bayfront” at Marina Bay Sands.