How to enjoy Marina Bay Sands(mbs) Infinity Pool -Singapore

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool Singapore
Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool

The most famous place of Marina Bay Sands in Singapore would be rooftop infinity pool with a height of 210 m from the ground. In the morning, evening, night, the scenery that can be seen differently in each time zone and it is a spectacular place where you can enjoy your time best.

Even for your children, you will have no problem !!

To enjoy the rooftop infinity pool, I summarized information that might be useful before going to the pool in this article.


Preparation before enjoying the pool (time, access,clothing and towels etc.)

● Open hours : from 6 AM to 11 PM.

● Only the person staying at this hotel can use this pool.

To use the pool, room card(room key) is required for each person. Even a child needs one, which can be obtained when you check-in. Please bring the room card key.

● Access:The pool is located on 57th floor, where is the rooftop of the hotel. The entrance to the pool is at each end of the hotel, one on the 57th floor of Tower 1 and the other one is in Tower 3. Tower 1 and Tower 3 are connected in the pool.

Depending on the room card key (it is related with your room type), you may transfer on the 22nd or 55th floor. When you arrive at the 57th floor, you can use the room key to pass through the automatic ticket gate to the pool.

●There is no dress changing rooms, nor coin lockers at pool area. Many guests change their swimsuits in advance and wear bathrobe from their room. T – shirt will be also good instead of bathrob.

●You can eat and drink and buy with room key at the poolside. It is no need to bring valuables to the pool for security.

It will be convenient for you to have sandals such as Crocs. Some are coming by slippers with slippers equipped in the room, but because the poolside is wet, the slippers will get very soaked. Of course it is also possible to enter with ordinary shoes.

● Bath towels are free of charge at the poolside “Towel Collection”, and any number of pieces can be used. You do not have to bring from your room.

● The toilet is on the lower floor and you can go from the poolside.

▲ “Towel Collection” where is bath towel free. There are 2 “Towel Collection” on the poolside. There is a entrance to the toilet behind this.

Children’s pool use(about pool use by children)

Infinity pool is divided into 2 parts in the middle , one is allowed for children, the other is not allowed. Perhaps it might be with consideration to the guests who are coming only with adults.

The depth of the pool (water depth) is about 120 cm.

A float (including flutterboard; kickboard) are prohibited, but some type of float stuck to the arm or body such as “Arm rings” seem to be OK. I actually try to use both flutterboard and swimming helper in close contact with the body, only the flutterboard was told to stop use.

Apart from the main pool for adults (about 120cm/47.2inch depth), there is a shallow pool for infants about 50cm/19.6inch deep. This is a very small pool but this kids pool is OK to use floats. There is no worry of drowning even if your kids can not swim.

▼This type of swimming helpers that were in close contact with the body and arms could be used.

To enjoy the pool more: Memorial photography

What you want to do at Infinity Pool will be “Memorial Photo”. You will have to make sure your precious smartphone does not get wet !!

▲Shop by the pool. Swimwear, sandals, accessories for swimming pools are on sale.

▲ Accessories very useful for the pool “Waterproof smartphone case (about 14SDG = 11USD)”. This smartphone case is with touch panel, and it can be taken even underwater. I bought it at the shop of  poolside.

If possible, it will be better to obtain this kind of Waterproof smartphone case in advance from your residential country.  Because it may be no water leak due to initial malfunction, or you may not have  much time to check during the trip.

In the instruction manual they say ” Please check there are no scratches or tears. Please try using it for 1 ~ 2 hours after putting tissue inside before use.”.

To enjoy the pool more -2: The garden side is also interesting!

▲ Jacuzzi in the area on the opposite side across the pool side restaurant. There is also hot water Jacuzzi, feeling of hot spring in the sky. You will see one of Singapore’s attractions “Gardens by the bay” below.